Koshur Pitted Apricot 350 Grams (Seedless)

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Apricots are the colorful fruits rich in flavor and sweetly fragrant. The dried apricot is obtained by dehydrating the fruit by natural means to enrich the flavor without reducing any of its nutritive content. Dried apricots contain Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C; the essential nutrients required for maintaining a healthy body and combating many diseases as well. KashmirBox brings to you the rich and tasty apricots from the farms of Kashmir and Ladakh, dehydrated naturally (sun dried) and preserved in the best quality standards. Enjoy the sweetness and benefits these round golden-orange eye delights have to offer. HEALTH BENEFITS DRIED APRICOTS. • Dried apricots are a very good source of iron that is useful to fight anemia. . • Dried apricots contain copper that absorbs iron which helps in hemoglobin production that can be useful for women who experience heavy flow during periods.. • Dried apricots are consumed before a meal to stimulate digestion.. • Dried apricots contain three times more potassium than bananas and contain only a trace of salt that helps to keep down blood pressure.. • Dried apricots help to treat the digestive tract by acting as a mild laxative to flush out the unwanted wastes which produces more of an alkaline environment to clean the digestive tract..

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